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About The Austral Garden Route

All Tours, Workshops & Events: Adults 15,000 CLP - Reduced Price For Children

The Austral Garden Route was created by a group of friends who live along the Carretera Austral, the only highway in Chilean Patagonia, in order to offer a new interactive experience for tourists by opening up farms and gardens to people who love nature and the beautiful surroundings of Patagonia and wish to have an encounter with the people of the region.


Some of us are were born and grew up in this region. We are the descendants of pioneers, many of whom are still alive, who came here on horse back sixty years ago to carve a life out of the wilderness. Some of us came from outside and chose this place to live.


All of us love living here for many reasons. Fresh, sweet, water. Clean air. Vast forests, numerous lakes, rivers, waterfalls and glaciers. We are close to Andes yet we are close to Pacific ocean. This natural environment gave us abundance.


We plant trees, grow food, protect forests, preserve traditional ways of living, consume local produce, recycle, reuse, reduce. We love everything we do to preserve our beautiful environment, and we would like to share a piece of our life with you.

Come visit us. Experience, explore, discover, learn and bring back home the unforgettable gifts of your time spent in our beautiful part of the world.

Paul Okinawa waterfall web.jpg


Austral Garden Route

Paul Coleman

Konomi chilean garlic web.jpg


Paul & Konomi's Garden

Konomi Kikuchi

Marcelo tiny.jpg


Terrazas Del Palena

Marcelo Arros

MARI VISIT oCTO 2017 web.jpg


Los Empastados

Mary Nieto

Leo New Pic.jpg


Aonikenk Karho

Leo Gallardo

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Donald Manquenahuel 

Austral Garden Route Album

Paul & Konomi's Garden Party
chocolate coconut truffles (2)
Melimoyu From Paul & Konomi's Garden
Vegetarian Pizza
Donald's Kawin Beer
Garden Harvest
Terrazas Del Palena
Aonikenk Karho
Paul & Konomi's House
Lago Claro Solar
El Sauce Hotspirings
Rio Quinto
Barros Arana
Rio Cuarto
Melimoyu Volcano
Barros Arana Peak
Lago Rosselot
Rafting/Kayaking the Rio Palena
Aonikenk Karho Relaxation
Strawberries & Cream
Kitchen Greenhouse
Local Vegetation
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