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Aonikenk Karho

Hi There!

I'm Leo. With me at Aonikenk Karho is my partner Pauli. I grew up on a farm in the Quinto valley, surrounded by ancient forests which you can only reach by horse or on foot. I love the forest and find myself calm and peaceful whenever I am in one. That's why I created Aonikenk Karho Refugio. When I bought this land, it was a dense forest on a steep hillside. I made steps and a footpath through the trees maintaining the integrity of the forest by cutting less wood as possible to build my house and the cabins. It is essential a tree top environment and throughout the land nature is within arms reach.


We offer a total disconnection from the modern world, there's no cell phone signal and we have natural lighting, making it possible for you to live a true experience of contact with nature where you can coexist harmoniously with the forest and the creatures that live within it, including our residential woodpeckers who will let you know when they are around! 

Camping & Refuges

Open All Year

Location:1 km south of the entrance to Queulat.NP.

Camping: 6,000 CLP per person.

Refuge: Shared - Two bunks:12,000 CLP per person 

Bring your sleeping bag.

Magic Forest Tour

Two hour guided tours throughout the day.

Location: Aonikenk Karho, 1.5 km south of the Hanging Glacier of Queulat National Park. 

Price:25,000 CLP 



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