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De La Raiz Vegan Kitchen

Hi There!

We're Sergio and Katharine and we invite you to enjoy fine vegan food at our takeaway in Puerto Cisnes.


We realised a while ago that finding vegan food in Chile and especially here in Aysen was extremely difficult, with most restaurants only offering a basic salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomato, the daily nutrition and goodwill of vegan visitors to the region is challenged. So we decided to offer an alternative to meet the needs of visitors and residents by opening De La Raiz Vegan Kitchen, where we offer a wide variety of vegan dishes, a daily menu, delightful deserts, sourdough bread, and custom orders to take away.


The ingredients we use are sourced locally to benefit the local economy and to ensure that the products we are using are fresh and leave a light footprint on the earth. We also give workshops to explain the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle and enable participants to discover new and exciting dishes that they can easily replicate at home wth ingredients they can find locally, and if they happen to own a restaurant they can offer an alternative for their customers.


We also host sourdough and vinegar/fermentation workshops presented by other members of the Austral Garden Route.


For English Speakers

E Mail:

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

For Spanish Speakers

Fono/wsp: +56 9 5973 2856

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Welcome To De La Raiz Vegan Kitchen

Vegan Workshop 2019
Stuffed Potatos & Sauteed Vegetables
Potatoes Stuffed With Mushrooms
Vegan workshop
Preparing Lasagna
Vegan Wrap
Veggie Burger
Vinegar poster Cisnes web
Sourdough Workshop 2019
Chocolate Delight
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