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Los Empastados

Hi There!

I'm Mari. I  invite you to visit Los Empastados. I grew up on this farm with my parents and brothers and sisters. Now I live here with my three year old son, Antu.


My family were pioneers and settled here many years ago. living off the land, producing what they needed, meat, cheese, butter, bread, vegetables, even our own clothes, made out of wool from our sheep. I still make clothes this way and realise that it is a dying art. I would like to pass on these traditions to anyone who is interested.       


Come visit me in a world of unforgettable landscapes to learn how to hand spin wool from the sheep I recently sheared, into yarn suitable for making your clothes. What you make with the spindle and knitting needles you can take home! Your day will start with a crossing over the Risapatron river in a hand pulled cable car! !!! 

Mari's Wool Workshop

Daily 15:00 - 19:00 Paul & Konomi's Garden

Location: 2 kms north of La Junta

An afternoon learning to hand spin wool collected from her sheep into yarn suitable for making clothes. Enjoy mate, coffee or a herbal tea, chatting to Mari before the workshop begins. 

What you make with the spindle and knitting needles you can take home! Maximum 6 people

Price: 15,000 CLP per person.


For English Speakers

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

For Spanish Speakers

Fono/wsp: +56 9 4056 3587

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Welcome To My Garden

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