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Juesú María Crafts and Preserves


​I'm Macarena. I'm quite handy with my hands and I love to create, make things and have fun while I am doing it. I live on a small farm just outside La Junta and for many years have been making jams and marmalade's and preserves from the fruits in my garden. and greenhouse.


I also keep bees, sell honey, make knitwear and embroidery and have an artistic side that I use to create ornaments, petit treasures and things for practical use. 

I enjoy working with wood, making carving boards in the shape of the local wildlife or animals that can be found on a typical Patagonian farm, or key rings decorated with local herbs, flowers and birds. 

I love painting the rocks that I find in the local rivers, brightly decorating them with everything from owls to foxes. I make sachets filled with Lavander harvested from my garden and little knick knacks that make ideal gifts and memorabilia.

My farm is next to the Palena river on the road to Raul Marin Balmaceda, but soon I will have a small shop on the Carretera Austral at the northern end of the village.

I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Macarena

For English Speakers

E Mail:

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

For Spanish Speakers

Fono/wsp: +56 9 7899 0852

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Welcome to Jèusu Marìa Crafts and Preserves

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