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Three new venues on the Austral Garden Route

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Mayorguita: Eric Mayorga's Tourist Enterprise
Mayorguita: Eric Mayorga's Tourist Enterprise

The Austral Garden Route has recently expanded two hundred kilometers to the north thanks to the participation of Eric Mayorga and Roxanna Tampier who live in the sparsely inhabited coastal village of Chana, in the region of Los Lagos

Eric, a lifelong fisherman, leads whale tours and introduces visitors to the natural heritage monuments that dot their spectacular region of islands, fjords, mountains and forests. Roxanne, a traditional basket weaver, can be found in their small store, weaving the grasses she collects nearby into crafts for sale.

Chana, which has only recently been connected by a gravel road to the Carretera Austral is a short drive from the ferry terminal at Caleta Gonzalo, is a previously unknown gem waiting be explored.

The Austral Garden Route now stretches three hundred kilometers further south thanks to the inclusion of the Refugio Rio Cisnes , a hostel, campsite and cafe located on the banks of the Cisnes river, directly off the Carretera Austral. The refugio is dwarfed by the magnificence of it's surroundings and is the realised dream of Jose Urrutia and Dyana Paris who came to Patagonia in search of sustainability and a life in harmony with nature.

Refugio Rio Cisnes and the Carretera Austral
Refugio Rio Cisnes

Renowned for it's spectacular beauty, Patagonia is also famed for it's, cowboys, cows, sheep and asados, outdoor barbecues, accompanied by music and plenty of wine and cheer. On the coast visitors can dine on fish or seafood, but until only recently has there become such a diversity in the cuisine as to include vegan cooking, which is the reason why we are very pleased to announce the addition of De La Raiz Vegan Kitchen to the Austral Garden Route.

De La Raiz Vegan Cooking Workshop hosted by Terrazas Del Palena and Ausral Garden Route
End result of a Recent De La Raiz Vegan Cooking Workshop hosted by Terrazas Del Palena

Located, off the Carretera Austral in the fishing village of Puerto Cisnes, Katharinne Provoste and Sergio Gomez offer very reasonable prices on a takeaway service that includes a wide variety of dishes, a menu of the day and they also accept customized orders.

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