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Terrazas Del Palena collaborates with Arrivedo to create a Neighborhood Travel Guide.

Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide Austral Garden Route Terrazas Del Palena Carretera Austral

The Arrivedo Neighborhood Travel Guide, an international hotel travel guide that connects tourists to the place they are visiting, recently collaborated with the Terrazas del Palena Hotel, to create a neighborhood guide to our village of La Junta and Communa of Cisnes.

This neighborhood guide is a wonderful asset to the community and to the tourists traveling along the Carretera Austral who visit our region and features places never seen before in any guide book, including the recently established Austral Garden Route.

La Junta Plaza Carretera Austral Garden Route Terrazas Del Palene Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide
La Junta Plaza

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