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Vinegar Fermentation Workshop at Paul & Konomi's Garden

Paul & Konomi's Garden Vinegar Preparation
Preparing the Ingredients for Apple Vinegar

We held our first Austral Garden Route workshop at Paul and Konomi's Garden on February 24th. It was a lovely, informal event, where we made apple vinegar and prepared Kimchi, a fermented food from Korea. Three local people and a young lady from Austria attended.

Austral garden Route Fermentation Workshop with Konomi Kikuchi
Konomi Prepares Kimchi

Our workshop space is relatively small, so participation is limited. We like it this way. People get to know one another and have plenty of time to ask questions. At the end we feel like we have made a few more friends.

Sampling  Don Paul's Vinegar's at Paul at Konomi's Garden
Sampling Don Paul's Vinegar's

Each participant got to take home a jar of the vinegar preparation they made to ferment at home and follow the process of fermentation to it's completion. Included in the workshop was also a tasting of some of 'Don Paul's' gourmet range of vinegar/s. Included in the tasting were rose, banana, luma & mint, fennel, raspberry, maqui and rosemary.

'Don Paul's' Herbal Salt & Vinegar Collection of Paul & Konomi's Garden
'Don Paul's' Herbal Salt & Vinegar Collection

Thanks to everyone attending. It was a lot of fun!

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