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Upcoming Events For 2020

All Tours, Workshops & Events: Adults 25,000 CLP - Reduced Price For Children
garden below moat house red flower tiny

Paul & Konomi's Garden Tour 

Daily: January - May  

Location: 1 Km North Of La Junta

A two hour guided garden tour.  Learn of how Paul & Konomi arrived in Patagonia to build a house of earth and turf and turned a piece of badly eroded. pasture into a organic garden and thriving forest.

Price: 25,000 CLP per person. 

Paul Konomi Vinegar.jpg

Vinegar & Kimchi Workshop

Daily: January - May 15:00 - 18:00

Location: Paul & Konomi's Garden

Learn how to make delicious vinegar's  and the art of fermentation, including Korean favourite food, Kimchi. Sample multiple varieties of vinegar. Discover how it preserves your food adding variety to food and benefiting health. Take home what you make and explore the garden.

Price: 15,000 CLP per person. 

Aonikenk Magic Bridge Web.jpg

Magic Forest Tour 

Daily: January - May 10.00 - 18.00

Location: Aonikenk Karho, Queulat National Park 

Join Leo a former park ranger for a personal guided tour with a period of meditation deep in the forests. Complete with hanging bridges, views of the glacier and Puyuhuapi Fjord. Suitable for people of all ages.

Price: 15,000 CLP per person.

For a non guided tour, price per person 3000 CLP

pauli bread cut small web.jpg

Sour Dough Workshop

Daily: January - May

Location: Aonikenk Karho, Queulat National Park

Your host Pauli will show how to make sourdough bread starter, how to make it last for years and how to bake delicious bread in the beautiful tree top surrounds of her home on the edge of Queulat National Park. 

No need to buy yeast again!

Price:15,000 CLP 

harvest june 2017.JPG

Permaculture Workshop

Mondays. Wednesdays, Fridays 10:00 - 14:00

Tuesdays, Thursdays 16:00 - 20:00

Location: EcolLive Garden 3 Km South Of La Junta

Learn permaculture techniques in the EcoLive garden. and enjoy a typical Patagonian mate break with your host, Donald. baking traditional bread in the ashes of a fire and learning of his Mapuche culture.


Price: 15,000 CLP per person.

Sushi workshop trial Konomi web.jpg

Sushi Workshop

Daily: January - April.15:00 - 18:00

Location: Paul & Konomi's Garden

Learn how to make traditional Japanese Sushi in this workshop hosted by Konomi Kikuchi. Learn the history of Sushi, how to cook the rice and make rolls and nigiri.

Eat what you make! Served with green tea and a traditional Japanese desert.

Price: 15,000 CLP.

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Mari knitting materials tiny web.jpg

Wool Workshop

Daily: January - April 15:00 - 19:00

Location: Paul & Konomi's Garden

Enjoy an afternoon learning to hand spin wool into yarn suitable for making clothes with your host Mari as she weaves stories of her life growing up with her pioneering family, raising cows and sheep on their remote Patagonian farm. Maximum 6 people

Price: 15,000 CLP per person.

horse mushroom small web.jpg

Mushroom Hunting

Date & Time: To Be Announced

Location: Valle Quinto, La Junta

Discover the world of edible mushrooms on a tour through nearby forests lead by local fungus expert Dinelly Soto..


Price: 15,000 CLP per person.

Children under five, free.

Under twelve 5000 CLP.


Garden Pizza For Two

Daily: 13:00 - 22:00

Location: Terrazas Del Palena. 

1.5 kms north of La Junta.

Enjoy spectacular views of volcano Melimoyu and the vast forests of the Palena Valley while dining on the best pizza for two, with two drinks and a dessert of the day, to share.


Price: 15,000 CLP.

Anchor 1

Hotels, Campsites, Refugios

Terrazas Del Palena

Terrazas del Palena Hotel is a privileged place for its view of the evergreen endemic forest, the mountains, the Palena River and Melimoyu Volcano.

Our two-piece apartments are fully equipped and, depending on availability, can be shared or used privately.We have a bar on the first floor and restaurant on the second; where you can also enjoy our gallery and sale of local Art and Crafts.

We are 2kms north of La Junta, on the Carretera Austral

Aonikenk Karho Refugio's and Camping

Delightful refuges built in the middle of an evergreen forest, consisting of a bunk bed and a and mattresses to rest with personal sleeping bag. Aonikenk Karho has common spaces (Kitchen and bathrooms). We offer total disconnection from the modern world, there's no cell phone signal and we have natural lighting, making it easier for you to to enjoy a true  contact with nature.

We are 1.5 kms south of Hanging Glacier of Queulat National Park.

Refugio Rio Cisnes

Río Cisnes Refuge offers rest and restoration in the middle of the native forest beside the Swan River, on a plot that stands out for its tranquility and beauty.
We have accommodation in campsites protected from wind and rain and quality Hygienic Services. We also have a beautiful country house by the river, to use as a Hostel (B&B) or private cabin by reservation. We offer country breakfasts and cafeteria service for our guests and those who travel the Carretera Austral. We have Wi-Fi.

We are on the Carretera Austral, at km 140  - a few kilometers north of Villa Amengual

Anchor 2

Restaurants, Cafe's & Takeaways

MACPizza Restaurant @ Terrazas Del Palena Hotel

Our menu is varied, but we specialize in homemade pizzas prepared with selected local ingredients. We offer delicious desserts, salads and the Chilean dish of the day.

We also offer classic Italian pastas such as lasagna, gnoquis, and fettuccine.

We have the best craft beers, wines and spirits to accompany your meal..

We are located on the Carretera Austral, 2 kms north of La Junta

De La Raiz Vegan Kitchen Takeaway

We offer a wide range of vegan food to take away, We have a menu of the day. Regular dishes include felafel, veggie burgers, mushroom stuffed potato's, lasagnas, sour dough bread tortillas, muffins, cakes, and vegan milks.  Custom orders accepted, All ingredients are sourced locally to ensure quality. We are located in Puerto Cisnes.

Refugio Rio Cisnes Country Cafeteria

Breakfast, farm eggs, homemade bread, real coffee (not Nescafe) hot chocolate, latte , mate, cakes, jams all locally made and served in our bright and airy cafe.. After you'r drink or meal take a walk in the garden, and enjoy a small beach on the Cisnes river.  

We are on the Carretera Austral, at km 140  - a few kilometers north of Villa Amengual


Juesú María

Macarena makes a wide variety of goods, from jams, marmalade's, conserves, to decorative carving boards, key rings, lavender sachets. She keeps bees, sells honey, decorates rocks by gaily painting them with Patagonian birds, animals and insects, makes knitwear from local wool which she dyes with the materials she collects in nature. All very beautiful and very well made.


Tour Of The Quinto River Valley

A three day, two night adventure tour of forests, waterfalls, mountains and farms, led by Leonardo Gallardo, former park ranger and wilderness guide who was born and bred in the valley. You will cross the emerald river by horse and walk through forests until you reach your destination where you will experience the life of the pioneers who settled this valley. 200, 000 CLP Per Person

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