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Harvesting Rainwater at Paul & Konomi's Garden to make Essential Oil

Paul & Konomi's Garden Pond Austral Garden Route

I dug this pond out eight years ago, lined it with inexpensive black plastic sheeting and finished it with turf. It holds around 3000 liters of rainwater and has a pipe attached that through the wonder of gravity enables us to water our kitchen greenhouse.

We connected that same pipe to Daniela's still, during last week's essential oil workshop, made rosemary essential oil, and while doing that used the excess water to water the greenhouse. This whole process highlights the cycle of water in life...

Konomi Harvests the Rosemary

The rain fell, watered the garden, filled the pond, enabled the rosemary to grow, flowed through the still, made essential oil and flowed from that into the greenhouse, enabling the plants to grow that nourish our lives.


A most precious gift indeed!

Workshop Participants sample  Rosemary Essential Oil at Paul ^ Konomi's Garden
Workshop Participants sample the Rosemary Essential Oil

Video of distillation process, courtesy of Cristobal Stock.

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