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Hi There!

I'm Donald. Since I was a child I visited my Grandmother in La Junta every summer and often worked with my cousin bringing construction materials across Lake Rosselot by boat. I learned a lot during those years. How to chop firewood, make fences and from my grandmother, how to grow food. I remember one day transporting construction materials across the lake, back and forth, working until almost midnight. I was exhausted, but it was a full moon and it's light was reflecting on the surface of the lake, sparkling all around me. It was so beautiful and I thought to my self, I'm going to live here!'

Twelve years ago I moved to La Junta. Now I have my own piece of land with an ancient forest. When I first went into the forest with a machete, I felt like I was in a jungle and loved it. I've cut only dying trees to make the space for my garden and have improved the soil with compost made from the food waste of my brothers restaurant. Recycled bottles make the borders of my garden and old tree trunks are my flower pots.

I invite you to visit my place. Let's work the earth together and converse over mate and traditional bread baked in the ash of a fire.

EcoLive Permaculture Workshop

Duración 4 horas: Daily January - May 

Location: 3 Km South Of La Junta

Learn permaculture gardening techniques in the EcoLive garden. and enjoy a typical Patagonian mate break with your host, Donald. baking traditional bread and pastries in the ashes of a fire.

Price: 15,000 CLP per person.


For English Speakers

E Mail:

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

For Spanish Speakers

Fono/wsp: +56 9 7641 8823

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