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Ruka Mágica

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Hi There!

We are a collective of women thriving off art inspired by the ecosystems of the Aisén Region.

Our products invite you to protect, know, and be energized by nature, through Art, Goldsmithing, and Design.

With our products and services, we care for and channel the elemental force of the natural environment; We create from sustainable processes, and expand the energy of Chilean Patagonia.

Through jewelry and drawings, which act as talismans and amulets, we support people's growth toward universal consciousness.

To forward our goals of education and empowerment we host a series of workshops, year-long, focused on creations that embody our Patagonian environment through the designs and materials that we use.


Fono/Wsp:+56 9 8280 6294 


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Welcome To Ruka Mágica

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