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Paul & Konomi's Garden

Hi There!

We're Paul & Konomi. 'Let's find the most beautiful place on the planet.' That's the reason why we came to Chilean Patagonia. After a few months of travel, we found a small piece of land on a hillside just outside of La Junta, at the confluence of two rivers, with a gorgeous view of Melimoyu Volcano and the surrounding mountains and forests. We fell in love at first sight. That was ten years ago. Back then our land was a treeless pasture, inhabited by cows and sheep,


We fenced off the land, built our house, planted one thousand two hundred indigenous trees and one hundred fruit trees, made earth sheltered greenhouses, terraced gardens and nineteen ponds. The trees grew. Now we have a forest. With so many ponds, frogs appeared, then dragonflies. We planted herbs, vegetables, berries and flowers. Then came bees and thirty species of migrant birds. It's very rewarding to see how nature can be restored and biodiversity  increased.with a little help from human hands.

We asked ourselves, 'Now, what do we want to do with this beautiful place?' And decided to open our garden to the public, so that others may enjoy it too.


Please come and visit us. Tour our land discover the magic that it has to offer..


We Speak English. Spanish & Japanese

E Mail:

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

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Welcome To Our Garden

Paul & Konomi's House
March Harvest
Melimoyu from Paul & Konomi's Garden
zucchini tempura
two horses web
Cherry Tomatoes
Garden Party
Chocolate Coconut Truffles
Konomi & Chilean Garlic
Two Neighbours
House and Gardens
Konomi Gardening.
Flower Salad
Garden Strawberries ^ Cream
Paul & Konomi House in Spring
Geodesic Dome
Zucchini Tempura
Melimoyo Misty Winters Morning
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