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Mayorguita En La Patagonia

Hi There!

I'm Eric. I live with my wife Roxana in the sparsely inhabited coastal village of Chana, in the region of Los Lagos.


I am a lifelong fisherman from the island of Chiloe and moved to Chana a few years ago. I have a very fast launch that I use as a transportation service, and can take people over to Chiloe in less than three hours. I also take people sea fishing. 

Where we live is very close to the marine sanctuary and I take people out to see whales and the other creatures that inhabit the region.


There are also many natural monuments, islands and fjords o explore all surrounded by the vast forests and mountains of Pumalin National Park, which is very close to where we live in Chana. 

We have a small store where Roxanne, a traditional Mapuche basket weaver, can be found weaving the grasses she collects nearby into crafts for sale. Next door there is a brand new hostel, with sea views and a balcony to enjoy the sunsets run by my sister Viviana. Price per person 15.000 CLP.

Chana, a previously unknown gem waiting be explored, has only recently been connected by a gravel road to the Carretera Austral is a short drive from the ferry terminal at Caleta Gonzalo.


For English Speakers

E Mail: australgardenroute@gmail

Whatsapp: # 56 9 3442 5514

For Spanish Speakers

Fono/Wsp: # 56 9 8251 1749

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Welcome To Mayorguita En La Patagonia

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