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Tour of the Quinto Valley

Three Days, Two Nights, All Inclusive 

​The Austral Garden Route together with Aonikenk Karho invite you to experience total connection with the natural environment.

We will explore the remote Quinto Valley, which we can only access through the help of our feet and the support of noble horses, with Leonardo Gallardo, a former park ranger and wilderness guide who was born and grew up in the valley. At his father Waldo's home you will discover how the pioneers and settlers to the region survive and thrive on the bounties of the environment they chose to live in. Along the way, you see how rewarding a simple life can be.

In our stay we will live as the scarce inhabitants of this Valley do. We will eat healthy food, we will carry out daily field activities and enjoy amazing landscapes such as the Los Magos waterfall and the rock giants that inhabit the Quinto River.

Photo: Waldo Gallardo arrives with a spare horse to to guide a visitor across the river. 


200, 000 CLP Per Person

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